Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anniversary Present

I can't wear my wedding ring any more (I've gained some weight and haven't had the ring resized.) and I'm boycotting diamonds because of DeBeers' historical treatment of workers and their actions during WWII and then the whole conflict diamond thing...if you don't know, watch Blood Diamond. The price of diamonds is artificially high due to DeBeers having a 100% monopoly (things are slowly changing, I think it might only be a 90% monopoly now) and controlling the number of diamonds on the market at any given time. If, by boycotting diamonds, I can help (I know - 1 person's actions can't really help) the situation, I'll buy other gemstones. So for our anniversary Johnny gave me a new wedding ring that has all sapphires. It is so beautiful and my mother-in-law gave me sapphire earrings to match. I'm so lucky!

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