Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Orleans

We went to New Orleans last week for a few days. We met Johnny's mom and Aunt Gail there and then met with some more of Gail's family. We rented a house on Burgundy Street, just a couple of blocks from the Quarter. Here is a link that shows pictures, a map, etc. It was a house built in 1807 for a wealthy free black woman, and is mostly original. It was quite interesting to stay in one of the older houses in town.

We visited Jackson Square and the cathedral, ate at Crescent City Brewhouse, then had beignets at Café du Monde. We visited one of the cemeteries to see the above ground graves. I'd always wanted to be buried in a plain pine box, but now I want a house with a stained glass window!!! We stayed up late catching up with Gail, way too late!! So much for the 11:30 AM riverboat ride the next morning! The next day we had lunch at Port O Call and walked down Bourbon Street...oh my...the things we saw. Next up was Happy Hour with extended family at The Cellars of River Ridge - they own it! We had a marvelous time!

On the way home, we took a slight detour and visited the Mansfield Civil War Battle site.

I remembered the camera, but it didn't have a memory card, so the only pics I have are from my phone, and most (all) of the indoor photos are blurry. But they are what I have... They can be found here.

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